Best Watches Under 500 Dollars Of 2017

Best Watches Under 500 Dollars Of 2017:Since the cellphones begin to sweep across the globe, we found that people use them to check the time more often than watches. However on the other side, we pay more attention to the watches’ fashion and even use them to underline the social status. Especially for men, they consider the watch part of their self-value.


Are you trying to find a suitable watch which makes the decoration much more characteristic? If so, I highly suggest you to take a few minutes to go through the follow article which shows what I found about the best watches under 500 of 2017.

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Before we start the journey of picking a men’s watch on the Amazon, we should at least grasp some correlate knowledge such as the material, the type, the water resistant and some other functions. For your future convenience I will update this article now and then.


Some factors you should consider when choosing a men’s watch online




On today’s market you will find most of the men’s watches be made of stainless steel. This kind of material has a sleek appearance and in the meanwhile very well against the corrosion, especially for those mechanical watches. On the other hand if you are looking for a watch for mostly sports use, it is also a good choice to go for the rubber base.




Of course we know that time-indicating is the most basic function a watch has. However with the increasing multiple needs the watch can do things more than we ever thought. Not to mention the date, compass, some can even detect blood pressure or leg speed. You should focus on the watch which has the function to exceed to your expectations.



Last but not the least; you should give your budget a serious thought. The price of a swatch can vary from a very low range to a very expensive one. But no matter what you choose, the best for you is what suits you best within your budget.

Reviews:Top 3 best watches under 500 Dollars Of 2017


Bulova Men’s Watches Under 500:96B175 “Precisionist” Stainless Steel Watch


When it comes to the pioneer force of the watches industry, Bulova will definitely won its place.If you want a watch which points to an eminent good sense and meanwhile not so expensive then you must check this out. The imported watch is covered with gentler silver color along with the stainless steel. The core technology is Bulova’s precisionist-class movement, which is much more accurate than standardquartz. With five separate measurements indicators, you can read time easily and maintain its full function.




  • accuracy: Equipped with the world high class movements, this watch has a deviation within seconds a year, which means you can never be wrong about the time.
  • hard-quality: This watch covers a variety of features. You can see its curved mineral crystal inside. Also you can find it perfectly waterproofed and can resistant to 300 meters.
  • easy to read: There have been several sub dials designed to display a more logical time. Even in the night the luminous hands on this watch assure you to check out time whenever you want.


Reasons to buy


  • The Bulova watch has a history since 1875 which has been improving its quality ever since. And by now it became one of the most famous brands of the world.
  • The value to money is so high that you can save almost half of the money. You can never find a watch with this good quality but only at such a low price range.

Customer review


I love watches which are big and heavy because they make me feel dignified and mature, and this watch UNDER 500 is just like what I’ve imagined.


LG Watch Urbane Wearable Smart Watch Under 500 – Silver


For those who don’t want the watch to be a burden on your hands but also want to look smart, here’s the perfect choice for you. This LG watch provides with a Bluetooth technology and 4GB internal memory.If Wi-Fi connected, you can totally leave your phone at home. Read more on Amazon right now!


Price analysis


Compared to other smart watch on the market right now, I say this makes a great bargain.


Customer review


Well done the LG smart watch becauseI haven’t been blown away since a while. The inside Wi-Fi connection helped a lot even when my phone isn’t with me.


Suunto Ambit3 Sport GPS Heart Rate Monitor Under 500 Dollars


If you are a sports fan and stuck in the middle of choosing a men’s watch, I think this one will suit you just well. It is a watch that records your progress such as running miles, jogging route or heart rate. You can share the journey with people around you and make more progress. This is the watch which keeps you fit and healthy.


Price analysis


You can save a total 120 dollars which is much cheaper than any other website. Also the Amazon has a lot of colors for you to choose from.


Customer review


This cheap watch under 500 dollars complete my dream to record running, swimming and other sports all the time. With the GPS connection I won’t lose track of my daily life.


My recommendation


Judging from the different purpose you require for a watch, you should not only go for a good brand name but for its functions. This is why I high recommend you to buy the first item, which combines many merits together. Anyway, hope this Best Men’s Watches Under 500 Dollars article can give you some idea to make your choice!


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