Best Cheap Watches Under 100 Dollars (Top 3 Of 2017)

Watches are merely used to keep track of the hours in the past.but it is not the same now. If you’re like most guys, a smart phone that can tell you the time is enough. So timepieces is regarded as fashion accessory to communicate something about your style or match your wearing. The earth has been scoured by us and I finally get the Best Cheap Watches Under 100 Dollars—talking to designers, shopping around town and visiting trade shows.

Whether you’re try your best to look for the  greatest and latest men’s watches under 100 IN the market ,eager for some wrist-worthy inspiration, or just want to learn the right method to buy a nice men’s watch. This article will provide you with the best choice for your favorite watch under $100.

Comparison chart:Best Cheap Watches Under 100 Dollars (2016 Updated)

In order to offer yo more convincing information,we have compared many kinds of men’s watches under $100 on and reach some conclusions expressed in our comparison chart.

I think you’d better to review this article time to time so that you can catch the latest change of the comparison chart.

Tips on how to select the best affordable watches under 100

First Consider Your Lifestyle

You’d better to buy different watches for both play and work if you simply prefer to have variety or your lifestyle merits it. Your lifestyle determines that whether you should buy a dressier watch or choose a sporty watch.

Take water resistance into consideration

Water resistance is absolutely a great feature if you swim or shower with your watch on your wrist. Moreover, you don’t need to worry when you get the watch accidentally wet. And by the way,  Some watches will resist water from accidental rain, sweat splashing, etc. While others are able to  resist moisture up 50 or 100 meters.

Consider the color of the strap and face

It is a trend that more and more people prefer to have straps and dials in exciting colors.So,if necessary,it is good idea to save the trendy colors for your another watch if you can to pick out the best suited watch.

 Reviews:Best Cheap men’s watches under 100 of 2017

#1  Pebble Smartwatch Black Mens watches under $100

best watches under 100 dollarsThis kind of watch under 100 dollars can provide downloadable apps and personalized notifications for you to make your life easier.Its thoughtful engineering is shaped in a wearable design and lets you catch the information you want in one glance.Besides,this watch is good at working with your busy life and offer much convenience to your daily life.


  • Easy Operation
  • Its rechargeable battery can last many days on only a single charge.
  • It can be compatible with both Android and Apple devices
  • Able to download apps and watch faces to suit your  interests and style

Why you should buy:

This cheap men’s watch under 100 comes with a wearable and straightforward design and it is comfortable and lightweight to wear. With its 5 ATM water rating, you are able to be accessible when you get  caught in a swimming and downpour. Besides,the watch is equipped with a scratch-resistant display and make it durable.In a word,it will be a nice choice for you

Customer review

In fact, I am very enjoying the feel of wearing a watch. It is so nice that I want to wear it every day .on the one hand. it is a steal and high quality. on other hand, it has many useful function for us to be convenient. I am very satisfied with the watch

#2 Casio G-Shock GD-100-1B Watch FOR UNDER 100

Best Cheap Watches Under 100 DollarsThis kind of men’s watch under 100 gains its reputation for big case designs with a revolution in case size.As you can see,it is well equipped with large anti-skid buttons and can provide you with easy operation.In the meanwhile,a 3-D look will be given for its embossed indexes.Moreover,the rivet bezel design is capable of adding strength to its overall appearance.

Customer review

When I saw this cheap men’s watch under 100 dollars the first time online,i was attractive deeply and i have strong desire to buy this watch.since i get the watch,i usually take participate in some activities with it.Many friends evaluated that my watch is nice and in a high grade,i was very happy with it!


#3  Invicta Men’s Stainless Steel and Gold-Plated Two-Tone Automatic Watch UNDER $100

This outstanding sport men’s watch under 100 dollars is famous for its high performance and classic styling and it is suitable for your exciting adventures. The two-tone automatic watch comes with an electric blue dial for your easy and quick read-off even if you are in a light condition.

Customer review

I really love this cheap men’s watch for days wear! when i saw the watch in a department shop, I was crazy about it and bought the wtch at once! It’s appearance is so nice that I love it very much. there is an important reason that it’s quality and price are completely good. IT is a good choice.

My recommendations:

If you want have high grade and high cost performance men’s watch under 100 dollars,I will strongly recommend that you can buy the type of is a steal!Of course,it is very suitable for taking participate in some activities and it can give you more concept of time.Don’t hesitate.


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